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Language Practice and Cultural Exchange

 An International Platform

From Paris to Berlin, from Pretoria to Dakar, from Beijing to Dubai, from Buenos Aires to Washington, from Martinique to Saint Lucia, from Sydney to Honolulu, Linguapassion crosses your borders and invite to join our group to practice a foreign language, exchange with others from different cultures. 

Learning a foreign language has become a necessity.  As we increasingly travel and the world is becoming smaller and with the market globalisation we have to learn to face up to intercultural communication.

At Linguapassion we want to inspire you to practice foreign languages and give you the opportunity to learn about others' culture.

Whether you are a professional, travelling, a student or planning other intercultural relations, Linguapassion offers online foreign language practice to encourage you to participate in group discussions hence increase your vocabulary and knowledge of foreign expressions.

Because we believe in positive group dynamics, we promote new contacts and cultural exchange in a respectful environment.

These exchanges are run by a native facilitator for conversations and Consultants from the itim centre for the WEBINARS on intercultural management.  They are not only experienced in monitoring group discussions but also in working within a culturally diversed environment.

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This Sales Agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into by and between the above parties pursuant to the Contract Law of France.

This Terms of Service (TOS) agreement is between you (Client) and LinguaPassion company, and its legal successors and assigns. By submitting the « registration form » the client agrees to the terms of the sales.

By accepting this Terms of Service (TOS) electronically or in writing, and/or by using LinguaPassion services, you (Client) agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Client also agrees that Client’s electronic acceptance of this Terms of Sales shall have the same force and effect as if Client had agreed to this Terms of Sales in writing.

LinguaPassion provides its services to Client subject to the following TOS, which may be updated from time to time without notice. Client should periodically review the most current version of the TOS. By using LinguaPassion services Client agrees to (and hereby signs) the most current version of the TOS.

Client’s acceptance of the Terms of Sales is binding upon all LinguaPassion services including the purchase of additional services or additional websites or accounts at a later date.

By submitting the « registration form » the client agrees to the terms of the sales

All services provided by LinguaPassion are listed on the company’s website

LinguaPassion offer ‘conversational sessions’ in English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Russian.

Access to the discussion groups in the ‘virtual room’ may depend on availability.

Each discussion session will last 45 minutes and will be moderated by a native speaker

In order to reinforce the group Homogeneity these sessions ARE NOT RECOMMENDED TO BEGINNERS

The buyer will be offered two (2) levels of proficiency:
  • Intermediate: The client can converse on simple and familiar topics in his or her areas of interest. He or she can speak with ease on a number of topics, give his/her opinion on a variety of topics including the news, and express the advantages and inconveniences of express possibilities on a number of topics.
  • Advanced:The client is able to hold a discussion on more complex topics in a clear and structured manner. He or she can speak clearly and spontaneously on any given topic.
The client will participate in the discussion in groups of minimum 3 and maximum 8 participants depending on the purchased pack.

The client will have access and will only be able to purchase sessions available at the required date and time.

Once registered, the client will access the ‘title’ of discussed topics, the name and biography of the moderator.

For each session purchased, the client will identify the chosen language, level of proficiency, day, time and name of the moderator.

By agreeing to this Sales Agreement, the client confirms to have the required system and equipment in good working condition to be able to participate in the sessions:

 A PC or MAC computer

  • Windows support
    • Intel Core2 Duo CPU 2.XX GHz or AMD processor. (2 GB of RAM recommended)
    • JavaScript and Cookies enabled
    • Active X enabled and unblocked for Microsoft Internet Explorer (recommended)
    Java 6.0 or above
  • Mac support
    •Intel processor (512 MB of RAM or more recommended)
    • JavaScript and Cookies enabled
    • Plug-ins enabled in Safari
    Java 6.0 or above
  •  Linux support
    WebEx will support any Linux distribution as long as it meets the following minimum requirements:
    • Kernel: 2.6 or later
    • X Lib: X11R6 or later compatible
    • C++ Lib: libstdc++ 6
    • Desktop Environment, XFce 4.0 or later, KDE, Ximian, Gnome
    • GDK/GTK. version: 2.0 or later
    • Glib: 2.0 or later
    • Sun Java 1.5 or later
  • Mobile support
    WebEx supports starting or joining a meeting from your mobile device. The WebEx web pages are also accessible on the mobile device default browser.  Mobile applications are available for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and Cius devices: iPhone: (iOS 3+) - iPad (iOS 3+) - Android (v 2.1+) - Cius (All)

High speed internet access

A webcam - a microphone (headset) for VoIP

In order to purchase the services from LinguaPassion website, the buyer must :
  • fill the registration form on which he will stipulate all the required information
  • choose the language or languages for each of the discussion group(s) he wishes to participate in.
  • choose his or her level of proficiency (refer to Description of Services)
  • choose the date when he or she wishes to participate in the group discussion
  • choose one or more topics from the planning depending on availability.
  • Validate his or her purchase after verifying the order
  • Make the payment
  • Validate the order and the payment
The items listed in your ‘Shopping Cart’ will be considered to be your Purchase Order.

After validation of your details, you will choose your payment method.

Once validated your order will be final and the client will not be able to cancel or modify the order. To modify an order, you will need to first get the agreement of LinguaPassion

Prices listed on the Website at the time of purchase are the ones applied. However, prices may change at any time, due to factors such as the economic environment, changes in taxes, labour cost, particular orders, etc..

Further to purchasing online, the client will receive a confirmation email which will be considered to be the invoice.

The client may cancel his order up to seven (7) days following the order. The purchasing date must however be at least 8 days prior to the day of the discussion group.

The entire amount is due the day of purchase. Payment can be done:

- Via a banking card. We will accept Visa and Mastercard. They will be processed through the secured system which utilizes SSL protocol ‘Secure Socket Layer’. SSL encrypt the segments of network connections to ensure total safety of the data.

The order is final once payment is made.

The client’s account will be debited after the session has been held

In order to receive a printed invoice, the client must put the request directly to LinguaPassion.

Once your payment has been validated, you will receive a confirmation email

You will then receive a second email from LinguaPassion. This email will confirm your registration and payment, and will provide you with the access codes enabling you to register to your session on the virtual platform.

LinguaPassion reserves the right not to confirm an order for any reason (ex: a problem with the order). LinguaPassion will inform you within 5 working days if the company cannot validate your request which you be requested to modify or cancel.

For quality purposes, all sessions will be recorded.LinguaPassion will not use the recordings for promoting its image without the agreement of the client.

All claims must be sent by post to the following address : 1 Square Charles Perrault, 78150 Le Chesnay, France or by email : within 30 days of purchase.

The customer expressly acknowledges that the liability of LinguaPassion is limited to the service rendered by LinguaPassion; LinguaPassion will not be responsible for any damage resulting from bad connection on the internet network or any harm to any device, any loss of data, or any other harm that results from your use of the Services or any service cancellation independent of the company’s will. LinguaPassion and its suppliers, resellers and affiliates do not guarantee that your use of the services will be uninterrupted or error-free to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the services are provided ‘as is’ and “as available’ for your use without warranties or conditions, either express, implied or statutory.

All material posted on the LinguaPassion Website, remains the property of LinguaPassion.

No one is authorised to reproduce, use or diffuse any of the material without the written permission of Linguapassion.

All other rights are reserved and users must ask permission from LinguaPassion before making any other use of material contained in this website. This permission to reproduce material does not extend to material identified as belonging to third parties, where users must obtain the permission of the relevant owners before reproducing such material. Where users upload, display and/or transmit materials through this website they agree to such material being used in accordance with these terms of use.

Any user who wishes to use the company’s link on their Website must obtain the written permission of LinguaPassion. In any case, the user will have to remove the link upon the request made by LinguaPassion.

Therefore, material contained in this website may not otherwise be copied, reproduced or redistributed in whole or in part without the prior written consent of LinguaPassion.

LinguaPassion is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of information provided by all users of LinguaPassion website.

When users visit, register, order services, sign up to receive information, contribute to a discussion forum, blog or wiki, book an event or make payments or donations on this website they may be asked to provide certain information about themselves including their name, contact details, credit or debit card information. The Institute may also collect information about users' use of this website as well as information about users by the use of cookies, messages or information users post to discussion forums, blogs or wikis on the website and e-mails or letters users send to the Institute.

According to the Data Protection Law "Information et libertés" n°78-17 of 6 January 1978, users are entitled to see the information held about them and they may ask LinguaPassion to make any necessary changes to ensure that it is accurate and kept up to date. If users wish to do this, they should contact LinguaPassion at the following address: LinguaPassion sarl, 1 Square Charles Perrault, 78150 Le Chesnay, France or send us an email to: contact@linguapassion.com

The Electronic Commerce Regulations (Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés) The www.linguapassion.com website has been registered with the CNIL (French Data Protection governing body) under registration number 1537303v0 on 07/10/2011.

LinguaPassion will archive its purchasing orders and invoices on a reliable data storage system according to article 1348 of the French Civil code.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with French law and any dispute arising out of the supply and purchase of the services shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the French law (Court of Versailles).

Cancellation of the client participation in the discussion group may not be done without the approval of linguapassion. The request must be done at least 15 days prior to the scheduled date of the discussion group to: LinguaPassion sarl, 1 square Charles Perrault, 78150 le chesnay, France or by email: contact@linguapassion.com. The client may cancel the participation in the discussion groups.

No scheduled discussion groups may be changed without the approval of LinguaPassion. Change of date will only be possible if there are discussion groups available at the requested date.

Group discussion dates are set prior to the client registration. For organizational purposes, LinguaPassion reserves the right to alter or cancel the discussion group if the required number of participants (3) is not met.

Clients will be informed and will have the possibility to attend a rescheduled session. However if the client does not wish to reschedule, the client will be entitled to a refund. Should a client miss a session for any reason, these will not be rescheduled.

In case of ‘force majeure’, such as strikes or any other circumstances beyond the control of LinguaPassion, the company will not be liable for damages caused to the client or the inability of LinguaPassion to hold the sessions.
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