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Language Practice and Cultural Exchange

 An International Platform

From Paris to Berlin, from Pretoria to Dakar, from Beijing to Dubai, from Buenos Aires to Washington, from Martinique to Saint Lucia, from Sydney to Honolulu, Linguapassion crosses your borders and invite to join our group to practice a foreign language, exchange with others from different cultures. 

Learning a foreign language has become a necessity.  As we increasingly travel and the world is becoming smaller and with the market globalisation we have to learn to face up to intercultural communication.

At Linguapassion we want to inspire you to practice foreign languages and give you the opportunity to learn about others' culture.

Whether you are a professional, travelling, a student or planning other intercultural relations, Linguapassion offers online foreign language practice to encourage you to participate in group discussions hence increase your vocabulary and knowledge of foreign expressions.

Because we believe in positive group dynamics, we promote new contacts and cultural exchange in a respectful environment.

These exchanges are run by a native facilitator for conversations and Consultants from the itim centre for the WEBINARS on intercultural management.  They are not only experienced in monitoring group discussions but also in working within a culturally diversed environment.

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Linguapassion clients' profile: Conversation in foreign languages

    • A cultural Mix: You come from around the world. You had the opportunity to travel, to live in a foreign country and discover foreign languages, different cultures. You want to exchange, learn and share more about those cultures.
    • Mixed marriages: You are involved in a culturally mixed relationship and you want the opportunity to practise your partner's language(s)
    • Expatriates: You had the opportunity during your working experience to improve your level of proficiency in a foreign language. You want to maintain and improve on your language(s) skills and share your cultural experience whilst practicing your foreign language(s).
    • Professionals: In today’s International environment you are looking for a career move in your organization. You want to improve your conversational skills and your cultural knowledge to be able to face up to international strategic and commercial challenges.
    • Retired people: This is a new stage of your life and you want to make use of your free time to share your cultural knowledge with others and simultaneously practise your foreign language(s)
    • Volunteers: You want to work for an NGO or other associations outside your home country. You want to learn more about those cultures and improve on your conversational skills
    • Curious about other cultures: You are open- minded and want to learn more about our differences and similarities. You have a passion for foreign languages and you are keen in interacting with people from other cultures, and you have the will to improve on your language skills and cultural knowledge.
    • Students: you are a high school or university student, you are preparing the TOEFL or TOEIC Linguapassion is the perfect opportunity to practice for a high quality oral expression

 Linguapassion clients' profile: Intercultural Communication 

  • Professionals: If you are planning to:

                      - planning to relocate

                      - improve your intercultural awareness

                      - NGO sending out volunteers in a foreign country

                      - you are planning to enter a new market

  • Individuals: If you are :         

                     - curious of cultures in general

                     - you are preparing to migrate or marry someone from a different culture


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